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As long as there is good air circulation, dry ice smoke should be safe for use around pets and kids. (photo: Rosana Prada)
Halloween parties are the best! There are cool costumes, Halloween party beverages and spooky fog. Have you ever thought about the safety of the fog? Here’s a question from a reader that you may be wondering about, too: “… I just have one quick question that I can’t seem to find […]

Are Smoke Machines Safe for Pets?

The incandescent light bulb glows when current passes through the filament and heats it enough to release light. (photo credit kessLflickrZ)
Here’s a handy list of things that glow in the dark. I’m talking about objects and substances that truly emit light and glow on their own. This is different from a list of things that glow under black light, which are fluorescent and phosphorescent, not truly luminescent. Really glowing includes […]

Things That Glow in the Dark

A bubble chamber was used to first detect neutrinos in 1970. (Argonne National Lab)
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics to: Takaaki KajitaSuper-Kamiokande CollaborationUniversity of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Japan and Arthur B. McDonaldSudbury Neutrino Observatory CollaborationQueen’s University, Kingston, Canada “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass” Understanding the Significance of the Nobel […]

2015 Nobel Prize in Physics – Neutrinos Have Mass