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Color Periodic Table With No Names
You can’t quiz students (or yourself) about the element names that go with the symbols if it’s all listed right there on the periodic table, so here is the periodic table without names. Here’s a handy dandy list of element names (which you can download as a PDF), in case you […]

Periodic Table Without Names

Scientific Method Word Search Solution
This scientific method word search puzzle contains terms relating to the scientific method. The terms can be found by searching vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Download the PDF and have fun trying to find the scientific method words. Definitions for the words are available in the scientific method glossary. Need a little […]

Scientific Method Word Search Puzzle

Food additives may be either natural ingredients or synthetic (artificial) chemicals. They are added to nearly all foods to improve flavor, prevent caking, slow decomposition, add color, and to improve texture. (Michael Stern)
A food additive is any substance added to food to improve its appearance, stability, flavor, texture, shelf life, or other characteristic. An additive could be either a natural substance or a synthetic chemical. Here’s a comprehensive list of food additives and their uses. Alphabetical List of Food Additives and Uses […]

Food Additives List – Names and Uses