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Absinthe is an anise-flavored distilled alcoholic beverage. (Eric Litton)
What Is Absinthe? Absinthe is a wormwood and anise flavored distilled liqueur made popular in France circa 1880 – 1914. Although sometimes colorless, the slightly bitter spirit is traditionally bright green. It is also known as ‘la fée verte’, or ‘the green fairy’. Absinthe History Dr. Pierre Ordinaire, a French doctor, is […]

What Is Absinthe? Absinthe Chemistry and Recipes

Lip balm isn't addictive, but you can become dependent on it. (the Italian voice)
If you find yourself reaching for lip balm all the time, you may wonder whether you’re addicted to it. ChapStick and other lip balms don’t contain any addictive ingredients, but using them does alter the chemical environment of your lips by providing a protective and soothing barrier that helps prevent […]

Is Lip Balm Addictive? Here’s What Science Says