This festive punch has a glowing hand and gives off lots of fog. It tastes great, too!. Anne Helmenstine
Glowing Hand of Doom punch is a great punch for Halloween parties or mad scientist parties. Here’s how to make a glowing hand rise from the punch, which is bubbling and producing fog. Glowing Hand of Doom Punch Ingredients disposable glove, not powdered tonic water dry ice punch (cran-grape cocktail […]

Glowing Hand of Doom Halloween Punch Recipe

As long as there is good air circulation, dry ice smoke should be safe for use around pets and kids. (photo: Rosana Prada)
Halloween parties are the best! There are cool costumes, Halloween party beverages and spooky fog. Have you ever thought about the safety of the fog? Here’s a question from a reader that you may be wondering about, too: “… I just have one quick question that I can’t seem to find […]

Are Smoke Machines Safe for Pets?

Happy Halloween!¬†Here is a¬†Periodic Table of Halloween wallpaper for your Halloween chemistry needs. 2015 Halloween Periodic Table The 2015 Halloween periodic table looks just like the original version, but it has updated atomic data. The PDF file for the new table is also available. 2014 Halloween Periodic Table Wallpaper This […]

Halloween Periodic Table Wallpaper

If you don't add coloring, you slime will be ghostly and transparent. (Steve Jurvetson)
If you’re familiar with the Ghostbusters movies, you know about ectoplasm and ghosts. It’s the viscous supernatural goo associated with spirits manifesting in the living world. Unless you have a pet poltergeist, you’ll need to make your own ectoplasm for haunted houses and ghoul costumes. Fortunately, all it takes is […]

Make Ectoplasm Slime for Halloween

Rainbow Fire Pumpkin
Looking for an over-the-top science-y Halloween jack o’ lantern? Here’s my favorite… a carved pumpkin that’s both covered in colored flames and shoots fire from every orifice. The colors work much like the analytical chemistry flame test in which heated ions release a characteristic spectrum of light. Materials Real Pumpkin […]

Rainbow Flames Halloween Jack o’ Lantern