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2016 Thanksgiving Periodic Table
Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a turkey periodic table wallpaper. These turkeys have scratched up a few element facts from the fall leaves including atomic number, symbol, name and atomic mass. Just like fall leaves, turkeys change colors with the season. These turkeys change colors to match the element groups of […]

118 Element Thanksgiving Turkey Periodic Table

Density Periodic Table - 2017
Here is a table listing the density of elements of the periodic table. The values are for density around room temperature, except as noted. Elements are listed alphabetically. Keep in mind, density depends on temperature, pressure, and the allotrope (form) of the element, so true values may be a bit different. […]

Density of Elements of the Periodic Table

These are samples of pure chromium metal and chromium crystals. (Alchemist-hp)
Here are interesting facts about chromium, a transition metal with the element symbol Cr and atomic number 24. Chromium is known for being both an essential nutrient, yet toxic element and for its use in making chrome plating. Interesting Chromium Facts Chromium is a member of the transition metal element […]

Chromium Facts – Cr or Atomic Number 24

Use tonic water in place of water in slime recipes to get slime that glows blue under a black light.
What’s better than slime? Glowing slime, of course! There’s more than one way to make glow in the dark slime that really glows (not just under black light). Here are easy recipes to try and tips to get the best glowing effect. Tips for Getting the Brightest Glow There key […]

Easy Glow in the Dark Slime Recipes

Red Light Appears Green
Everyone knows about the Doppler effect with sound. When a train approaches, the pitch of its sound increases. After it passes, the pitch seems to drop off. This is because the sound waves are compressed (wavelength shortened/frequency increased) ahead of a moving sound source. The sound waves expand (wavelength increased/frequency […]

How Fast Would You Have to Go To Make A ...